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Goatdaddy and son.

Highwayman… pirate of the small road.


Name: Daniel Gumb

The Cheesewring in Cornwall is a natural pile of granite slabs and it takes it’s name from it’s similarity to a cheese-press. It is associated with Daniel Gumb, a local stonecutter. Although his parents were uneducated, he himself showed unusually high intelligence. An avid reader, he taught himself elementary mathematics, and became deeply interested in astronomy. After marrying a local girl, he made his home with her in a cave beneath the Cheesewring, where they raised numerous children, baptising them on prehistoric altars near by. Until the cave collapsed, many of Gumb’s intricate geometrical designs could be seen carved in the granite, with the indcription ‘D.Gumb 1735’ cut above the cave entrance.

(excerpt from Folklore, Myths and Legends of Britain by Reader’s Digest)


Name: Fatlips

A woman who had lost her lover in the ‘45 Rebellion once made her home in a vault among the ruins of Dryburgh Abbey, Scotland. It was said that she had vowed she would never look on the sun again until her lover returned. When she heard he was dead, she would only come at night. She told her neighbours that while she was out, her cell was tidied up by a little man, a spirit she called Fatlips. He wore heavy iron shoes with which he trampled the clay floor of the vault to get rid of the damp.

Playing with photographic textures from the New Forest (Including Horse Hair!)

Paper Cutouts again, this time in the form of the front cover of my current sketchbook!

more felt folklore folks :)