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SHOWREEL !!! so real

BOOK PROMO!  !! ! 

Some photos of my degree show set-up at the Rag Factory, London. There should be some photos of me standing awkwardly next to my work knocking about somewhere, I think my grandma has them…

Self Portrait

Goatdaddy and son.

promotional BIRTHDAY .jpg : It’s my Birthday, I’m 22 now. Here is a dramatic reconstruction of my birthing.

Potion Master - Master of Potions

Cunning Folk Poster - various magic men

Colour photocopier experiments- a collaboration between printmaker Elliot Coffin and myself, using bits of our old work to create something new. Part of what is turning into a week of crazy collaborations!

The b-side success of my collaboration with Hamish Steele today. A sad snowman thinking of what he can never have… Egypt…?